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Have Yourself A Hullabaloo This Christmas

Hullabaloo Christmas at TPC is in full swing! We unveil what’s going down at TPC’s Urban Park.


Rainbow Connection: A Hullabaloo Christmas at TPC

Here’s the heart-warming story behind local artist Nur Aida Binte Sa’ad’s Hullabaloo Christmas play scape, which graces TPC’s Urban Park this Christmas.


Autumn Festivities at TPC

Here’s a sample of what went down at Japan Rail Café’s Autumn in the Train event at Tanjong Pagar Centre’s Urban Park.


Unleash Your Inner Glow

Here’s our guide to health, beauty and wellness at Tanjong Pagar Centre.


Stress Busters Part II: Fun With The Entire Family

Balance work and play, relax with loved ones, and spend some quality time with the family, with these lifestyle options at Tanjong Pagar Centre.


Stress Busters Part I: Get Social

With its bustling activities, charming cafes and top notch dining spots, TPC is a great place to unwind with friends and loved ones.


Sweet Surprises

There’s nothing sweeter than something made with love.


A Tokyo-Themed Summer At TPC

Here’s our lowdown on the buzz and activity at TPC’s Tokyo Summer Park.


Onwards And Upwards:
The National Vertical Marathon At TPC

Here’s what went down during this year’s National Vertical Marathon, held at Tanjong Pagar Centre.


Meet the Good Folk Part 2 –
Rise And Shine

Ever wondered about the people behind the delectable food choices at Tanjong Pagar Centre Basement? Meet The Good Folk introduces you to the stories of passion and hustle behind each brand.


7 Questions With SISAY
At The Andes Festival Market

We sit down at Tanjong Pagar Centre Park with the Ecuadorian band to talk music, nature and South American culture.


Meet the Good Folk Part 1 –
Samurice and Makai Poke

Ever wondered about the people behind the delectable food choices at Tanjong Pagar Centre Basement? Meet The Good Folk introduces you to the stories of passion, hustle and discernment behind each brand.


In Good Spirits:
Getting Your Tipple At TPC

Whether you’re looking for refreshment on the go or a glass of wine with authentic Spanish cuisine, there’s always an option for a tipple or two at Tanjong Pagar Centre.


HIIT-ing it Hard in 2018:
Workouts To Burn Of The Festive Calories

Had one too many pineapple tarts last month? Gilbert Lim from Virgin Active is here to help you get back in shape.


Music In The Key of C

Get to know Pianovers and Tunescratchers, the musicians who’ve been playing up a storm at TPC’s Urban Park this past month.


3 Drinks At TPC Part II -
What About Love?

Beer Naked Truths is back for a Valentine’s Day Special: 3 drinks, 6 singles...and a boatload of awkward questions about dating!


Pianos Crusaders:
6 Questions With Play it Forward

Always dreamt of making music in public? Now you can. Here’s everything you need to know about the twin pianos being hosted at TPC’s Urban Park, and the team of music lovers behind the project.


4 Stories of Love and Gratitude At TPC

The Christmas season and the upcoming New Year festivities makes this a perfect time for love, gratitude, and reflection. To celebrate, we sat down with some of the good folks working at Tanjong Pagar Centre to get to know their life stories, hear about their most heartwarming festive celebrations, and discover what they were most grateful for this year.


3 Charming Japanese Regions to Visit This Christmas

The good folks at Japan Rail Cafe provide us with a wealth of tips and recommendations for exploring Japan.


The 5 Freshest Ingredients
For A Festive Meal

We sit down with the good folk at Farm ‘N Pantry to pick out produce to add a taste of summer to your Christmas celebrations.


Popular Opinion:
A Chat With The Façade

We chat with alternative pop band The Façade about music, lyrics and their upcoming gig at Starker Music Carnival 2017.


Grooving At TPC’s Urban Park:
5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Dancing Up A Sweat

Fun fact: Dance has been a part of global human culture for thousands of years, with the very first records of dancing going as far back as 3300 BC Egypt. That urge you’re feeling to get up and groove? Entirely part of human nature, my friend.


The Doctor is In –
Debunking Health Myths At TPC

We sit down with Dr Choong Kuan Siew of TPC Medical Clinic to debunk, clarify and explain some common misconceptions about health and wellness.


Recipes for Success

We sit down with award-winning restaurateur Ricky Ng at Blue Lotus Chinese Grill House, as he serves up insights on the F&B industry, culinary innovation, and the secrets behind his company's success.


Getting Ripped:
One Man’s Fitness Journey

From Scrawny to Shredded - A Fitness Trainer Inspires And Educates. Rohit Raj -professional fitness trainer at Virgin Active TPC - shares how he overcame heartbreak and multiple injuries through the course of his fitness journey.


3 Drinks At TPC -
Beer Naked Truth

To celebrate Singapore’s 52nd birthday, we got residents from all walks of life to tell us what they love about the country before and after a few drinks.


The Old And The Bold

How Tanjong Pagar’s unique blend of innovation and heritage reflects the history of Singapore.


Dining At Tanjong Pagar Centre:
A Truly Global Experience

Whet your appetite and tantalise your braincells, with these global food facts on the cuisine available at Tanjong Pagar Centre.