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Recipes for Success

We sit down with award-winning restaurateur Ricky Ng at Blue Lotus Chinese Grill House, as he serves up insights on the F&B industry, culinary innovation, and the secrets behind his company's success.


Getting Ripped:
One Man’s Fitness Journey

From Scrawny to Shredded - A Fitness Trainer Inspires And Educates. Rohit Raj -professional fitness trainer at Virgin Active TPC - shares how he overcame heartbreak and multiple injuries through the course of his fitness journey.


3 Drinks At TPC -
Beer Naked Truth

To celebrate Singapore’s 52nd birthday, we got residents from all walks of life to tell us what they love about the country before and after a few drinks.


The Old And The Bold

How Tanjong Pagar’s unique blend of innovation and heritage reflects the history of Singapore.


Dining At Tanjong Pagar Centre:
A Truly Global Experience

Whet your appetite and tantalise your braincells, with these global food facts on the cuisine available at Tanjong Pagar Centre.